Everyone should watch this electrical grounding video

Everyone should watch this electrical grounding video

Practical Engineering recently posted a video on Youtube "Where Does Grounded Electricity Actually Go?" and we think everyone with an interest in electrical grounding, no matter the level, should take a look. Grady Hillhouse, the engineer who makes the videos for Practical Engineering, does a fabulous job of making the topic accessible and interesting.

We think you'll find the following video to be an excellent source of information for electrical grounding. The video takes a slow approach to explaining numerous engineering concepts that may seem simple to experienced engineers or engineering students, but that are more complicated than at first meets the eye.  However, the video breaks apart the complicated aspects and provides an excellent explanation that even those of you with little grounding experience should have an easy time following each topic.


The visuals provide excellent examples for explaining the various concepts that were covered.  It was especially nice to see that the conductivity of the soil was touched upon.  Oftentimes, we will see facilities whose grounding systems or new construction ground grid designs do not adequately take the composition of the earth into account.  The video does an excellent job in explaining the importance of taking local soil conditions into account when designing a grounding and earthing system.


Overall, this video is an excellent explanation for anyone with any interest in electrical grounding, from the totally inexperienced to the well-versed.  The safety issues such as step and touch voltages, lighting protection, system resistance, and more should be reviewed by all electrical engineers. 


Click below to watch and let us know your thoughts:

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