Augmented reality Support

What is ESRAP?

ESRAP is the first of the next generation of connected worker platforms that enables rapid and sustainable digital transformation for manufacturing and service companies of any size.

ESRAP is joint collaboration and partner effort between E&S Grounding Solutions and Augmentir, who are able to provide Enterprise level Augmented Reality via Artificial Intelligence that helps us empower your front-line workforce, to do their best work – close the skills gap, seamlessly capture tribal knowledge, and seize opportunities that drive continuous improvement.

ESRAP benefits for your business

1. Solution Capture and Storage

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2. Adaptive Branching Capabilities

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3. Object recognition solutions guidance

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4. Task based report generation

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5. Geo-Tracking for location precision

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6. Manage field resources

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7. Enhanced distributorship offerings

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8. Deep learning analytics

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Motor Controls

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