Grounding System Analysis: Visualization of Ground Potential Rise

Electrical damage from Ground Potential Rise GPR costs companies millions of dollars every year

Many electrical engineers are unfamiliar with the phenomenom of ground potential rise. Adequate protection from Ground Potential Rise is more that simply following NEC requirements.

Damage from Ground Potential Rise can occur when a high-voltage difference exists between a grounded cell site such as a cellular BTS (base station transmitter) experiences ground potential rise that is connected to a remote site such as a central teleco office which acts as a remote ground path for the current to follow. This is why proper cell site grounding design is of particular importance to the Teleco industry. The amount of Ground Potential Rise is a function of the amount of grounding electrodes in contact with the soil, soil resistivity and various other factors such as the number of conductors leaving the site.

Equipment damage from Ground Potential Rise (GPR) is usually located at:

• Cellular towers or cell sites (See our Cell Site Grounding Requirements)
• Power substations
• Power generating facilities
• Tall radio towers

Ground Potential Rise Studies

Protect your personnel and equipment from the hazards of operating in high-voltage environments with a detailed Ground Potential Rise study.
We offer two types studies to meet your needs:

- The GPR Calculation, and
- The GPR Study.

The GPR Calculation

The Ground Potential Rise Calculation is typically used to determine site eligibility and Telco T-1 hard-line requirements in high-voltage areas.
The Ground Potential Rise Calculation provide all the data required for:

• T-1 line applications including the total fault current
• Ground Potential Rise GPR voltage
• X/R factor and the 300 volt line.
• All the Ground Potential Rise (GPR) information you will need to get your T-1 lines approved. Fast!

The GPR Study

The premiere engineering service offered by E&S Grounding Solutions is the Ground Potential Rise – GPR Study. This study includes all the information in the standard GPR Calculation, and a full analysis of the Step-and-Touch Potential Voltages present at your site. Our Ground Potential Rise Study additionally provides all the structural design recommendations needed to eliminate any potential electrical hazards and includes Telco T-1 requirements.

• Site Review of Ground System
• Soil Resistivity Test: Wenner 4 point
• Computer Modeled Ground System Design
• Safety Calculations & Recommendations
• GPR Calculation & Written Report
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Ground Potential Rise Studies (GPR)

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