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Client Testimonials


The Calpine team attended the introduction to Grounding and Earthing course provided by E&S Grounding Solutions. The course we attended comprised of two online sessions of two hours each and covers the basic concepts of grounding and is a good introduction to subject. The instructors, David and Jeffrey have a very relaxed style that engaged the team to participate and ask questions. I recommend this course for people of all technical abilities who want to gain an understanding of the basics of Grounding & Earthing.

Mick Deacon
Manager Electrical Engineering

E&S Grounding instructors David Stockin and Jeffrey Drummond have strong theoretical and practical backgrounds in grounding for industrial, utility, and generating plant applications, but more importantly, they are effective teachers. Our employees and extended enterprise customers have benefited from their deep understanding of basic grounding concepts, safety considerations, field testing, and troubleshooting, and advanced engineering concepts.

Brian Snyder
Solutions Director, Professional Services
Petro guardian

The Petro Guardian team recently had the opportunity to bring in the E&S Grounding Solutions team for training and we appreciated the flexibility their course offered. The E&S team adapted their curriculum to meet our unique needs, which kept our group engaged and attentive throughout the entire class. They were able to take advanced subject matter, like 3-point fall-of potential and ground loop testing, and present it in a way that was understandable no matter what their experience level may have been.

Robert Morris

Our Resort Operator and Developer Clients demand the highest quality and the highest degree of protection for their critical systems. HydroDynamic Solutions always looks to E&S Grounding Solutions to provide a multitude of specialized services to include but not limited to power quality analysis, critical system grounding design, human safety electrical studies, and lightning risk assessments. Poised to react very quickly, E&S provides a readily deployable expert team to service our every need as a Utility Contractor.

Alan Davies

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The E&S Executive Team

David Stockin, is the author of numerous prestigious publications regarding electrical grounding and earthing and is an often sought after expert in the field. David has been a full-time Grounding Engineer for over 20 years.

His list of publications include:
McGraw-Hill’s UK Wiring Standards for Earthing & Bonding (2016),  McGraw-Hill’s National Electrical Code 2014 Grounding &
Earthing Handbook (2014), Standard Handbook of Electrical, Engineers, 16th Edition (2012), Standard Handbook of Electrical Engineers, 15th Edition (2008), Handbook of Electrical Power Calculations, 4th Edition (2014), and Handbook of Electrical Power Calculations, 3rd Edition (2000).


David Stockin

Founder CEO and Managing Partner

Our Lead Electrical Engineer and Engineering Trainer, has a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California and is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Mr. Drummond is the author of numerous publications regarding grounding, bonding and earthing and he remains a distinguished member of the following valued organizations we are proud to be apart of:

Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society IEEE, Industrial Applications Society (IAS), Power & Energy Society (PES), and International Society of Automation (ISA).


Jeffrey D. Drummond, P.E.

CTO and Lead Electrical Engineer

Our Chief Operating Officer has a long career of executive management and leadership experience in a diverse range of industries to include aerospace, machine tools, computer peripherals, cryogenic/nuclear components, food manufacturing, and high-speed automation. Joe’s proven track record of senior leadership achievements in engineering, operations, quality assurance, and systems improvements have resulted in significant increases in efficiencies, profitability, and innovation. Joe’s focus for E&S is to continually increase organizational performance and refine the E&S Value Proposition, while leading a blend of motivation and innovation throughout the firm. B.S.B.A. and Aeronautical Engineering/UMASS.


Joe Plourde

COO / VP of Business Development

Recent Brands & Clients Served

Books we wrote and co-authored

14 Years of industry certified and approved text books and handbooks only available on Amazon.

See our full list of titles and order them online.

McGraw-Hill - 1st Edition

NEC 2014 Grounding & Earthing Handbook

Fully discusses above-grade wiring issues and below-grade earthing issues related to electrical grounding in conjunction with Article 250 of the 2011 National Electrical Code. This practical guide features easy-to-understand language and real-world examples throughout.

McGraw-Hill - 1st Edition

UK Wiring Standards for Earthing & Bonding

Addresses the above-grade grounding and below-grade earthing issues related to Article 250 of the 2014 National Electrical Code. This practical guide features in-depth discussions of each of the Code’s requirements, section by section, along with clear explanations and real-world examples.

16th Edition

Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

LThe Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers has served the EE field for nearly a century. Originally published in 1907, through 15 previous editions it has been a required resource for students and professionals. The 16th edition was published on August 30, 2012.

4th Edition

Handbook of Electric Power Calculations

A bestselling calculations handbook that offers electric power engineers and technicians essential, step-by-step procedures for solving a wide array of electric power problems. This edition introduces a complete electronic book on CD-ROM with over 100 live calculations.

Ground Potential Rise Explained - Article about ground potential rise studies and soil resistivity testing for high voltage transmission towers

GPR and Soil Resistivity Testing

This article discusses ground potential rise studies and soil resistivity testing for high voltage transmission towers and is applicable for any ground potential rise analysis.


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